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Some NEW Color work up!

Game Boys has just been a blast to color. Zombies, dragons, monsters? Of course I love it. Here are 3 more covers that I provided the color for. The little piranha babies may be my favorite. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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And now some practice work for fun and to keep my on my toes. I will always love Marvel, and these have been some great warm up pieces to practice on to get me ready for sequential pages. Both Sara Pichelli (Lady Loki) and Mark Morales (Wolverine and Black Widow) have some really beautiful line work and were really fun to color.

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I have officially opened a Zazzle shop! It’s been a long time coming, I know. But now the big day is finally here.

You will now be able to find  items, posters, and prints of some of my artwork for purchase. New items will be added to the Zazzle shop often, so keep checking back.

Really want to see a particular piece of art up for sale? Just let me know! I am adding new art and new products constantly and would love to get you what you want.

And on the technical side for anyone doing research for their own online stores, I am loving Zazzle. It is extremely user-friendly, and the products seem very high quality. This ease of use will allow me to get more art to  you faster. A win for everyone!

Also, stay tuned for a Zazzle shop hosted directly on my site. Should be up and running within the week. Also, an etsy store with some more…interesting… things should be just around the corner.

Here is a sample of some of the pieces I have currently featured:

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And, once more (because I have no shame) stop by my Zazzle Shop and give me some love.

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