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Fall Check In & Digital Color Studies

dresden files, dresden, snow, fan art, fanart, digital, sunset, fantasy, ice palace, fearie court, winter court, magic

I’m bad at this regular posting thing. But I have been doing new art, and even updating it here.

Check out some new pieces! Some digital art done with my Wacom Cintiq. Now that the haunted house is over, I hope to get back in the swing of doing these little color studies.

You can also follow me on Instagram for more sketches and more often updates. Also, pictures of my dog, because he is adorable.

dresden files, dresden, snow, fan art, fanart, digital, sunset, fantasy, ice palace, fearie court, winter court, magic digital art, female, red hair, green eyes, portrait, digital, comic fearie, faerie, fairy, fairey, faerie, wood, woods, forest, trees, sunlight, dappled light, dust, female, warrior, magic, fantasy, SF&F, digital art

2015-09-19 22.44.42

I told you there’d be new art…

pinup style, copic markers, pinup girl, blond

The site got a face lift, and you all get to see some long promised new art. Copic Markers are really a girl’s best friend.

female, pinup, wolf, dog, hunter, slayer, vampire hunter, night, fog, clouds pinup style, copic markers, pinup girl, blond copic markers, vampire hunters, wooden stakes, red head, woman, city scape, night, boots, character design



ALSO! USAToday wraps up the first issue of Game Boys. Don’t you want to see what happens to Blake and his friends? Scroll to the bottom of the page to check out the rest of issue one of Game Boys!

“May the odds be ever in your favor.” Hunger Games Fan Art.

Katniss Everdeen, arher, archery, hunger games, copic marker drawing

I will admit, I love The Hunger Games trilogy. So of course that resulted in some fan art. Suzanne Collins describes a very visual world, which makes it so easy to draw inspiration from. And when Katniss and Peeta actually get to the Hunger Games, all bets are off.

I really wanted to draw Katniss with her bow, mid hunt in the arena. Peeta fit better within the borders of District 12. And being the boy with the bread, he had to actually have some bread. For Gale, I wanted the background to be the coal mountains of Appalachia. There’s something rugged about that, which works for him.

So I present to you the tributes of District 12 ( and Gale Hawthorne). These are my interpretation of the characters. I am eager to see the movie, but I wanted to get some drawings done before it changed my image of the world of Panem. I couldn’t resist drawing Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, and Gale Hawthorne.

If you enjoy these, let me know. I’m open to suggestions for other characters.

Let the 74th Hunger Games begin.




Where did April go?

Hell, where did May go?

I will have awesome pictures from Midnight Productions “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the wonderful Keswick theater…soon. They were taken by the AMAZING Lisa Helock Spring. I have to thank her for getting such wonderful shots because mine weren’t so good.

I’ve been working on some really fun things. Lots more playing with Copics. I’ll have lots of fun stuff to show, also soon.

I will be working on a production of “Agamemnon” this summer, so expect lots of art. In fact, here’s some art to hold you over:

“I don’t want your blood money.”

Looking for something to do Easter weekend?

I am make up designing and spot oping for Midnight Productions “Jesus Christ Super Star” at the Keswick theater in Glenside PA. Its going to be a lot of fun. If you have the time and the means, get your tickets through Keswick Theater

For make up design, my focus is largely on the Priests. I want them to look exotic, but this is also their war, and they are the bad guys. Below are my rough sketches, just to get my ideas down, but it’s a glimpse in to how I work. These were sketched at a Saturday rehearsal.


This is straight out of my sketch book. No touch ups. I did add the text saying who they were.

I’ll start with Pilate. I wanted to really show how regal Pilate is. He’s either in this position because he royally pissed someone off, or he’s just that good. Either way, his patience is being tried at every corner. Because of that, he has a short fuse. I wanted to really emphasize his jaw and cheek bones to give him a harsher look. I’ll do that with redish purples. The highlights on his face will be done with silver/gold to make him look that much more above the crowd. I’ll emphasize his brow and eyes with black.

Caiaphas. The ring leader. The actor playing Caiaphas has this wonderful deep voice, and I want his appearance to be just as menacing. Beads and string will be woven in to his hair and beard. Annas and the Priestess mimic the features of Caiaphas. Because they are often seen on either side of Caiaphas, I wanted them to kind of balance him.   All three priests will have black upper lips and eyes ringed with black. The line with the circle pattern and the lines around the mouth are inspired by the Maori warriors and their facial tattoos. As I said before, this is their war, so they are in their war paint. I’m going to use lots of golds and purples and blues for their coloring. The face with the X over it is a take for Annas that I didn’t like. It didn’t fit with the other priests.

And finally, with have Herod. I see Herod’s court as kind of a drunken bacchanal, so I really wanted to portray that feeling in Herod himself. He’s going to have really rosey cheeks and some definite bed head. Other than that, I wanted to keep Herod pretty simple. He’s having too much fun to have a high maintenance appearance. I also wanted him to have a different feel than the priests or Pilate. He’s a little removed from their situation, and doesn’t quite fit in with them.

I hope this was enlightening. And I’ll say it again, if you have the time and the means, this will be a really great show.

Site News

For those observant few, you already noticed what I am about to tell you.  For every one else, there is now a contact form across the top menu bar.  You can use this to contact me with questions, complaints, or interest in commissions.  Yes, I am available for commissions.  Drop me a line and we’ll work something out.

More New Art!

Here are two pieces I created with those copic markers I talked about previously.  You may or may not notice, but these have definitely been inspired by the artwork of Adam Hughes.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned about information about the following:

Online Store


New Art

Contact page

In other news, if any of you are going to be at the New York Comic Con this weekend, track me down! I’ll be wondering around.

The Paynes’ Asylum

comic, panel, work in process, page, victorian dresses, crows, nurse, insanity

Welcome to the asylum.  This dark graphic novel follows Doctor Paynes’ attempts to confront and control the darkness in all of us. But in this house in the hollow, one can never trust their own senses.

Written by Karl Custer, drawn, colored, and lettered by me.  Check out Karl’s own site at http://www.uncleyo.com/

The following are some screen caps.  If you want to see more, spread the word about this delightfully dark tell. Hopefully you’ll be able to follow the good Doctor from your local book store.

Died Blue

This was a portrait study done the summer of 2008.  I wanted to attempt a portrait that was reminiscent of the Victorian Era.  I used a reference of myself for the lighting, but mostly she is drawn from my imagination.  She was a practice for my painting skills, and is still one of my favorite pieces.

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