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Fall Check In & Digital Color Studies

dresden files, dresden, snow, fan art, fanart, digital, sunset, fantasy, ice palace, fearie court, winter court, magic

I’m bad at this regular posting thing. But I have been doing new art, and even updating it here.

Check out some new pieces! Some digital art done with my Wacom Cintiq. Now that the haunted house is over, I hope to get back in the swing of doing these little color studies.

You can also follow me on Instagram for more sketches and more often updates. Also, pictures of my dog, because he is adorable.

dresden files, dresden, snow, fan art, fanart, digital, sunset, fantasy, ice palace, fearie court, winter court, magic digital art, female, red hair, green eyes, portrait, digital, comic fearie, faerie, fairy, fairey, faerie, wood, woods, forest, trees, sunlight, dappled light, dust, female, warrior, magic, fantasy, SF&F, digital art

2015-09-19 22.44.42

Some NEW Color work up!

Game Boys has just been a blast to color. Zombies, dragons, monsters? Of course I love it. Here are 3 more covers that I provided the color for. The little piranha babies may be my favorite. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

arch enemy, colors, coloring, colorist colors, coloring, color, colorist, game boys, comics, dragon colors, coloring, color, colorist, comic, comics, zombies

And now some practice work for fun and to keep my on my toes. I will always love Marvel, and these have been some great warm up pieces to practice on to get me ready for sequential pages. Both Sara Pichelli (Lady Loki) and Mark Morales (Wolverine and Black Widow) have some really beautiful line work and were really fun to color.

logan, marvel, james howlet, claws, yellow suit, colors, coloring, color, colorist lady loki, marvel, hugin, munin, loki colors, coloring, colorist, color marvel, black widow, natasha romanoff, natasha romanov, colors, coloring, colorist

Don’t Miss Game Boys

Be sure to check out the next three pages!

Head on over to USA Today.

Game Boys

I’ve been working with the wonderful guys over at Arch Enemy entertainment, and our book just went live on USA Today!

Check out the first 3 pages, and stop by weekly for more of the goings on in Blake’s life.

Game Boys at USA Today

Game Boys Cover Page, Arch Enemy Entertainment, colors, comics

BCCC Anime Con

For anyone in the Bucks County/Philly area this weekend, come on out to Bucks County Community College’s first Anime con!
For the first time EVER I will be selling prints of some of my more popular pieces–including, but not limited to, Hunger Games, Marvel, Game of Thrones, and Jay and Silent Bob.
Check out the event here:

Post-San Diego Comic Con 2012

Thor, Hammer, Lightning, red cape, armor

Back from San Diego Comic Con!

Before I get down to business about the con, I’ve got some new art on the site. Here is just a small taste, so be sure to check around for more.

copic marker, character design sketch, drawingThor, Hammer, Lightning, red cape, armor

All right! Back to the con!

First, let me just get this out of the way: it was awesome and everything you will ever dream of. We met some awesome fellow fans and some really cool exhibitors. Everyone was just happy to be there. The good vibes were flying.

So, as some of you may or may not know, I hung out at the portfolio reviews on the first official day of the con (it went well, thanks for asking). While I was sitting there, I thought about how I wish I knew more of what to expect. Each con has their own way of doing these, and sometimes it can be exhausting keeping what’s what in line. I decided to do a write-up of the whole process. I’ve had a few awesome artists give me some helpful advice or materials along the way—shout out to Mike Deodato, you rock!—and if this helps anyone prepare I’ll consider it a job well done.

For some thoughts and musings on the portfolio review scene…. Continue Reading →

Rogue and Gambit Process

Rogue and Gambit, X-men, Marvel, Colored, Rubble, playing card, kiss

So this isn’t exactly a walk through, and it certainly isn’t a step by step. I don’t work in an orderly fashion, so a step by step isn’t really feasible. But this will give you an idea of my process.

The picture we’ll be looking at is this one.

Rogue and Gambit, X-men, Marvel, Colored, Rubble, playing card, kiss

Rogue and Gambit, of Marvel’s X-men comics. This Rogue and Gambit piece was unique in the fact that I saved different versions. That’s not something I usually do, but since Rogue and Gambit are two of my favorite characters, ever, I wanted to make sure I got it right.

You can see where I started with the cleaned up line art. Then I laid in my basic colors, and blocked in some of my highlights and shadows. I put circles of colors for my light sources and the shadows so the colors will be easy to grab as I go. If it’s a color I think I’ll use pretty frequently, I’ll add it to my color swatches.

Next I figured out the background. That was mainly playing with colors and balancing the foreground, background and figures.

Now you see me playing with highlights, light sources, the folds on Gambit’s jacket. You can see I changed my mind a lot on how Rogue’s costume should reflect light, and the strength of the light from the playing cards on Rogue’s hair.

And then, with all art, you reach the point where you’re hurting more than helping, and you call it done. I hope this is able to help some one in their painting process. The biggest advice I can give is play around, and most importantly, have FUN.


A step by step of my process of digital painting for a piece of Rogue and Gambit Fan art, of the X-men.

For more Rogue and Gambit art, check out the fan art page.


“I am Jack’s smirking revenge.”

So the post quote has nothing to do with anything. It’s just a fight club kind of night.

Anyway, new art. Two new Copic Marker pieces, which I am still obsessed with. I can’t possibly express just how awesome they are. And they are refillable, so they’re good for the environment.  Also, everyone needs some Rogue and Gambit now and then. Enjoy, and stay tuned for a making of the Rogue and Gambit piece in the near future.


Holy new content, Batman.

Lots of new stuff, I am happy to report. The site got some new sections, so look around, have some fun. I finally put up some pictures from “Jesus Christ Super Star” and a whole bunch of new make up shots.

Also, this:


And, in honor of “Deathly Hallows”….

Welcome to the Inferno

I’m doing the advertising for this awesome show going up in New York.  It’s based The Divine Comedy.  Stay tuned for more info about it!  But for now, check out the website (the show page soon to come):  http://www.brokenglasstheatre.org/

And some teaser art!

Sin is In

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