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“Happy Hunger Games!”

Effie Trinket Fan Art from the Hunger Games

I did promise there would be more “Hunger Games” Fan Art, and here it is. Effie Trinket, Primrose Everdeen, and Cinna. And Buttercup. I couldn’t draw Prim without Buttercup.

To me, Effie is the very picture of propriety. To convey that, I put her in Victorian inspired clothing. And I wanted her pink hair to be PINK. I never saw it as anything but bright pink. She’s in front of the Justice Building, doing her thing. Get ready for the reaping.

Which brings us to sweet little Prim. She had to be some one that was universally loved, that Katniss would give her life to save. She is the reason that Katniss volunteers for the Hunger Games in the first place. I hope the innocence I was trying to capture shows through. And that Buttercup is so ugly he’s cute.

Cinna. I did a couple of sketches of Cinna before I settled on this one. His gold eyeliner is my actually eyeshadow, so it’s very reflective in person. I placed him in front of the Capitol skyline, match in hand, because he’s the real spark that sets it all burning to the ground.


Effie Trinket Fan Art from the Hunger GamesPrimrose Everdeen fan art from the Hunger GamesFan Art of Cinna from the Hunger Games

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The Paynes’ Asylum

comic, panel, work in process, page, victorian dresses, crows, nurse, insanity

Welcome to the asylum.  This dark graphic novel follows Doctor Paynes’ attempts to confront and control the darkness in all of us. But in this house in the hollow, one can never trust their own senses.

Written by Karl Custer, drawn, colored, and lettered by me.  Check out Karl’s own site at http://www.uncleyo.com/

The following are some screen caps.  If you want to see more, spread the word about this delightfully dark tell. Hopefully you’ll be able to follow the good Doctor from your local book store.

Died Blue

This was a portrait study done the summer of 2008.  I wanted to attempt a portrait that was reminiscent of the Victorian Era.  I used a reference of myself for the lighting, but mostly she is drawn from my imagination.  She was a practice for my painting skills, and is still one of my favorite pieces.

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