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Merry Christmas From Team Angel

Angel Fan art

And Happy Holidays.

This is the winning idea for my holiday contest. Kelly suggested Angel and puppets, and having been on a puppet kick since seeing the Muppet Movie, I couldn’t resist.

So we have Angel, surrounded by a crack team of puppets: Wesley, Fred, Cordelia, Lorne, Gunn, and of course Spike.

Joss Whedon is a genius, but the puppet episode is just brilliant. So I will piggy back on his brilliance to wish you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a wonderful new year.

Angel Fan art

For more fan art, check out the  fan art page.

Final Call for the Christmas Contest

Any one wishing to still participate in the Christmas Fan Art Contest should head on over to the facebook page.

Waiting is the hardest part…

Hello everyone on this rainy Wednesday—at least on the east coast. This unseasonal weather has definitely not gotten me in the Christmas spirit. So I’ve decided to draw some Christmas themed fan art. What kind of fan art, you may ask? Well, that is entirely up to you!

Head on over to the facebook page, and the person with the best idea will get a picture drawn. It must be awesome, and preferably from a fandom I enjoy, definitely one I’m familiar with.

Good luck.

Also, more Hunger Games Fan art will be appearing shortly. In the meantime, for more Hunger Games art, and other fan art, check out the fan art page.

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