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The End is Nigh

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The final poster for “Inferno” put together by Broken Glass Productions. I had a lot of fun with this. The play focuses pretty heavily on technology, so I wanted to bring that across with out hitting you over the head with it. I decided to play a bit with the iPod aids. I went with the bold colors, but instead of a black figure, I went with white. I wanted to show that Dante and Virgil aren’t really a part of this world. They’re being drawn to the gates of hell–and to New York.

If you’re in New York Easter weekend, be sure to check out this awesome show. There are more details on their website.

And if you are in PA for Easter weekend, be sure to come check out “Jesus Christ Super Star” at the Keswick theater.

“The People Choose. They Choose me.”

More teaser artwork for “Inferno.” This show has been put together by Broken Glass. Check out their website for more info!







Welcome to the Inferno

I’m doing the advertising for this awesome show going up in New York.  It’s based The Divine Comedy.  Stay tuned for more info about it!  But for now, check out the website (the show page soon to come):  http://www.brokenglasstheatre.org/

And some teaser art!

Sin is In

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