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House in the Hollow

Midnight Productions House in the Hollow is located in Buck County PA, about a half hour outside Philly. We are a theatrical haunted house. Our current theme is the Malfate Manor, a family who has suffered through many unfortunate events. For the past 10 years, I have been working with the wonderful crew and cast supervising make up and doing a bit of acting. If you are in the area, you should swing by and check us out.

For an awesome preview of what you might find there, check out our trailer:  Tales from the Hollow

For more information about the House in the Hollow, you can check us out on Facebook at House in the Hollow FB


House in the Hollow Website

And of course, stay tuned for some behind the scenes make up shots throughout the season.

Welcome to the Inferno

I’m doing the advertising for this awesome show going up in New York.  It’s based The Divine Comedy.  Stay tuned for more info about it!  But for now, check out the website (the show page soon to come):  http://www.brokenglasstheatre.org/

And some teaser art!

Sin is In

The Paynes’ Asylum

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Welcome to the asylum.  This dark graphic novel follows Doctor Paynes’ attempts to confront and control the darkness in all of us. But in this house in the hollow, one can never trust their own senses.

Written by Karl Custer, drawn, colored, and lettered by me.  Check out Karl’s own site at http://www.uncleyo.com/

The following are some screen caps.  If you want to see more, spread the word about this delightfully dark tell. Hopefully you’ll be able to follow the good Doctor from your local book store.

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