Boyfriend and I just beat Bioware’s Mass Effect trilogy. And by we beat, I mean he beat and I watched it like a movie. Sometimes I even had popcorn. For those interested, though I don’t think it matters, he played as male Shepherd and a paragon engineer. And I decided I really loved the Tali character. She’s adorable, kind of nerdy, and all through the first game I kept thinking her voice sounded like B-MO from adventure time. And she uses a shotgun. That’s a perfect storm of awesome. So much so, I plan to create her costume and Cosplay her at some upcoming cons.

Tali'Zorah, Tali Zorah, Zorrah, Mass Effect, Cosplay, costume, Bioware
Because I can’t do anything the easy way.

I will be updating you as I try, fail, and try again. Hopefully someone will be able to learn from my mistakes.

I began with research. Lot’s of research.  And lots of looking at pictures. During my research, I found the awesome Kelly Nova on Weird Girls. More specifically, her pattern for Tali’s shrug. Check out the rest of her channel, too. She’s got some great things going on over there.

So yesterday began day one of work, in which I used this pattern on muslin to create a mock up. I like to work in muslin first because I’m convinced I’ll screw something up, and I’d rather do that on cheap fabric than expensive.

mock up, sewing patter, Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy, Mass effect, cosplay
Excuse my weird face

This fit surprisingly well as is. I’ll be using a different fabric for the trim, so no need to worry about extra  for finishing sleeves. I’ll double check the fit of the hood once I have a helmet, and before I use good fabric. But for now, mission done and feeling accomplished.

Next, I’ll be working on the wrap pieces and her hardware.

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