Who doesn’t love “Hunger Games” fan art? First, Haymitch Abernathy. While I think Woody Harelson will do wonderful in the movie, I always pictured Haymitch looking a little more like Robert Downy Jr. I wanted to draw Haymitch inside the fence of District 12, with his alcohol in hand. Still strong, but haggard. Despite the wreck he’s become, he’s still determined to get Katniss through the Hunger Games alive. Second, Finnick Odair. Finnick is my favorite character. I drew him on a beach in District 4, trident in hand. You can’t not love Finnick, and his appearance in the Quarter Quell is my favorite. Finally, Alma Coin. I won’t say much about Coin, for those who haven’t read “Mockingjay” yet. I always pictured Coin looking a little like Sigourney Weaver. I think she would be the perfect choice. Haymitch Abernathy from the hunger gamesFinnick Odair from the Hunger GamesAlma Coin from the hunger games For more Hunger Games Fan art, and other fan art, check out the Fan Art Page.

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