Kevin Smith has always been a hero of mine. I’ve grown up watching his movies. I even have a dog named Brodie Bruce

Last night I finally had the chance to catch his show at a local theater. It was incredibly funny, and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to try to see him. Not only is he funny, but he is also very nice.

To show my appreciation for his work and how much he has inspired me, I drew this picture for him. By time the show ended, it was past eleven and getting rather cold out. I think I was the only girl waiting by the stage door. The lone female in a sea of fan boys. Standing on a gentle slope in heels for an hour is a work out. But, I toughed it out.

Kevin didn’t make it out the stage door before I left, but Jason Mewes did. Not only did he sign my sketch book, but he took the sketch to give to Kevin Smith. I wish I had known he would be there, I would have made him a print. He is a very upstanding gentleman and took the picture right on to the tour bus.

I personalized this for Kevin Smith, but I was also very proud of the piece, so I wanted to share it with all of you, as well.


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